In Canada, sea asparagus has been used as food and medicine by indigenous nations all along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts for thousands of years.


Sea asparagus can be either cut or pulled from the ground. Since it often grows in intertidal zones, this is typically done at lower tides so the plant can be easily harvested while it is above the tideline. It grows prolifically during the Summer months, but in more temperate climates like in Haida Gwaii or the Gulf Islands, you are generally able to find it year-round.

There are some distributors who can ship sea asparagus across the country, and there has been a growing interest in farming it for its use in both culinary applications and as a health food supplement.

Ways To Cook

Sea asparagus can be eaten raw, pickled, steamed, pit-cooked, boiled in soups and stews, or canned and pickled. Often used as a garnish in high-end restaurants, it is a highly diverse ingredient that can add a lot of flavour to any dish.

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