The genesis of this site came as part of our school’s excitement over the concept of culinary diplomacy. We are now equipping our cooking and baking students with knowledge about the true power and meaning of food so they can effectively use their technical skills influence others, build relationships through a shared meal, and create bridges to connect cultures.

With a deeper knowledge about the foods that come from the area, cooks and chefs can purposefully create recipes and plan meals that hold symbolism or connect with others on a deeper level. As part of our daily lives and culture, food is personal to each of us. Moreover, when we can share that with others and learn about others’ cultural traditions and history, we become more respectful and tolerant.

Feeling hangry? Have a bite to eat and you will be a lot easier to work with.

Want to make amends with someone? Try bringing them their favourite snack or drink.

Need an idea to break the ice with someone? Just get them talking about food!

Food plays an important role in our daily lives. We need it, and we enjoy it, but it has the power to do more than fuel the body with a delicious meal. It can build relationships, and help traffic meaningful cross-culture exchanges.

Both culinary diplomacy and anthropology of food are units within the Culinary Management courses that make up SAIT’s Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts programs. Students cover a range of topics such as food and identity, the geography of food, global perspectives, and purpose-driven meals. By applying new knowledge to practical skills, students can realize the importance of their roles beyond the kitchen.

Food Story is our SAIT-made site to share, well…food stories. This digital platform enables us to learn about foods and who might appreciate them. It allows us to learn from others and embrace our cultural differences. It connects us to the wonderful and hard-working people growing, raising and producing the food that we use in kitchens, whether they’re in industry or our very own homes. Aren’t we lucky! Remember, what is the common denominator between all of us? You guessed it: food!

-Chef Rosalyn Ediger
SAIT Culinary Arts Instructor