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Buzzco, Brown Bags and Baking: A Food Story

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On February 10th, the SAIT Culinary Arts program organized a competition for its students with the objective of creating a delectable snack centered around honey as the primary flavour, benefiting Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids.

It may go unnoticed, but Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids diligently supplies 6500 children across 250 schools with a nourishing lunch every day. This sustenance significantly contributes to fostering learning and supporting the overall development of these youngsters.

Collaborating with local partner Buzzco Honey, the SAIT Culinary Arts program endeavoured to craft honey-inspired snacks for inclusion in over 500 lunches. These snacks were required to prominently feature the flavour of honey, and students had the option to work individually or in teams of two.

Buzzco Honey, a product of Burnco, a longstanding construction materials company in Calgary spanning four generations, is committed to sustainability. By hosting honey bee hives on their various construction sites and properties, they make efficient use of their land while enabling beekeepers to harvest honeycomb. A portion of the honey produced is directed to Burnco, supporting community projects.

Generously donated by the Burns family, founders of Burnco, the prizes for the winning chefs added an extra layer of generosity to the event.

This occasion served as a remarkable opportunity for aspiring chefs at SAIT to comprehend the impact of altruism, simultaneously contributing to community welfare and providing nourishment to the current generation of school children.

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