The guinea fowl, characterized by their speckled plumage and helmet-like crest, are hardy birds that can thrive in various climates. In Alberta, they are often raised on farms for various purposes: for their meat, as tick and insect controllers, and sometimes simply as ornamental birds. Their active and free-ranging nature means they're excellent foragers, which can influence the flavour of their meat.


Originally from Africa, guinea fowl were brought to different parts of the world by traders and explorers. In Alberta, as in many other parts of North America, guinea fowl were introduced for farming. Their adaptability and resilience made them popular choices for small farms.

Ways To Cook

Guinea fowl meat is often described as richer and more flavourful than chicken, with a hint of gamey taste. In Alberta's culinary scene, guinea fowl can be roasted whole, often with herbs and aromatic stuffings, to yield a crispy skin and juicy meat. Its breast can be pan-seared for a quick, elegant dish, while its tougher legs benefit from slow cooking methods like braising. The bird's distinct flavour pairs well with both light sides, such as salads, and heartier accompaniments like mashed potatoes. Innovative chefs in the province experiment with guinea fowl in various preparations, from confits to stews, showcasing the bird's culinary versatility.

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