Grouse are medium-sized birds, often characterized by their round bodies, short tails, and strong legs. Unlike many other birds, grouse are more inclined to walk or run rather than fly, though they are capable fliers for short distances. Their diets vary based on the species and can range from seeds, berries, and plants to insects and small animals. Alberta's varied ecosystems, from the boreal forests in the north to the foothills and mountains in the west, offer rich habitats that support the grouse population.

Species of Grouse in Alberta:

  1. Ruffed Grouse
  2. Spruce Grouse
  3. Sharp-tailed Grouse
  4. Dusky Grouse (previously known as the Blue Grouse)
  5. White-tailed Ptarmigan (technically a type of grouse)


Grouse have long held significance in various cultures, often symbolizing the wild essence of the regions they inhabit. In Alberta, Indigenous communities have historically hunted grouse as a source of food, medicine and regalia, and some cultures have dances in honour of the unique mating dances of the birds themselves.

With European settlers arriving in Alberta, grouse hunting became a popular pastime and remains so today, with the birds being sought after for both their challenging hunt and delectable meat.

Ways To Cook

Grouse meat, known for its rich and slightly gamey flavour, is a delicacy in culinary circles. Often compared to dark chicken meat but with a deeper taste, grouse can be roasted, pan-fried, or stewed. A traditional method involves roasting the bird with a stuffing of herbs and bread or wild rice. When pan-frying, a quick sear ensures the meat remains tender. Grouse also pairs well with berry-based sauces, with juniper berries, cranberries, or saskatoon berries being popular choices in Alberta. Local chefs often incorporate fresh, regional ingredients, celebrating the bird's natural habitat in their dishes.

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