In The Wild

As its name suggests, it lives in colder waters up north. It is small (30-40cm) but it is feisty to fish for. In southern Alberta, it can be found in the Belly River.

It is also part of the salmon family of fish. Arctic grayling are migratory. They move from lakes and larger rivers to smaller streams for spawning which occurs from May to June. After spawning, they return to the larger lakes and rivers.

Arctic grayling are considered "sensitive" and could someday become threatened with extinction.

Ways To Cook

Apply the same techniques as you would to other small fresh water fish with simple, clean flavors like lemon, butter, and fresh herbs. Arctic Grayling can be roasted whole, pan fired, steamed, and is delicious smoked. Fish tacos, anyone?

Since it has quite a large dorsal fin--why not eat that too! Smaller fish with thin bones can be fried or baked until crispy. Sprinkle with some dried spices and make a little dip sauce and you've yourself a unique snack!

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