The colder the water, generally the more fat a fish contains. (Omega-3 fatty acids are an excellent type of fat which we should all eat 1-2 times per week.)


The tradition and practice of sportfishing was brought over by the European settlers. Of course fishing was already commonplace by native tribes too.

Ways to Cook

Char is a delicious cold-water fish. It is a round fish and therefore has two fillets. There is such thing as giant char but most of what we see in kitchens and fish mongers here is dwarf (weighing from a few hundred grams to around 2kg).

Pair it with similar flavours to pacific salmon and keep it simple to let the natural flavour shine. Try grilling it to release its natural fatty oils, or pan searing it with crispy skin.


Like almost all fish, take caution when handling the tender fillets as they can be easily bruised and damaged. Skin is very often left on char. It crisps up nicely and is pleasant to eat too since it is not too thick and rubbery.

Allergen Alert

Fish are one of the top 10 food allergens in Canada

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